About us

About the brand 
 Kouketsu means nobility in Japanese which is a synonym for dignity, distinction, majesty, poise etc... The major products of this shop correlate with the traditional Japanese culture: ( Samurais, Geishas, Koi carp, Tsuru Cranes bird )  which remind us of those values.
The logo is inspired by Japanese kamon. We wanted to create our own special and unique kamon so we choose Lion because it too represents nobility, power, humility. Those are the values we want to share with you here :) 
About the creator
 The creator is an entrepreneur who has been passionate with Japan’s culture ever since her childhood.  She has made multiple trips to Japan leading to make the decision to live there for a while to learn and embrace the country’s lifestyle.
After years of living and being culturally enriched in japan, she had to return temporarily to her home country for personal reasons. Back home she realized how much Japan is more attractive by foreigners who she wanted to share her passion to those people and propose a large choice of Japanese clothing and products.