The Story Of Sukajan Jackets

March 18, 2018

The Story Of Sukajan Jackets

Japanese souvenir jackets, so-called "Sukajans", are colourful jackets in the style of a bomber or baseball jacket and are usually embroidered with an emblem covering the entire back. In Japanese pop culture, you often see younger people from the lower class walking around with these jackets.

Sukajans have a long tradition in Japan, although their American influence honestly cannot be denied, which is due to the fact that Sukajans became popular during the occupation of Japan by the Americans. This is the result due of American soldiers having Japanese symbols stitched on their bomber jackets, a style that gained popularity among the Japanese population, especially after the end of the occupation of Japan.

However, the exact origin of the name "Sukajan" is still unclear: one theory claims that the name comes from the word "Sky Dragon", flying dragons, who can often be seen on various Japanese works of art. This design was particularly popular in the past and it is assumed that it was simply abbreviated to "Sukajan". Another theory says that the word comes from "Yokosuka jumper". This was an American base in World War II and also the birthplace of the popular bomber jackets.

Even today, the Sukajan still recalls the Showa period (1926-1989), becoming a symbol of rebellious youth. Criminals are also said to wear these jackets, although the jacket is nowadays more part of Japanese pop culture and has in fact relatively little to do with crime.

The Sukajans are also particularly popular as souvenirs, which international tourists like to bring home with them. So it is not surprising that Sukajan has been reinterpreted by numerous fashion labels who released their own jacket creations.

The success of Sukajans in recent years is among other things due to a high level of representation in Japanese and worldwide popular culture, as these jackets have now gained popularity not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world.

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